The Road Beyond the Horizon

In Marys‘ garden, Athos


In Marys‘ garden, Athos

Agion Oros (Athos) welcomes its visitors with a calm peace, which offers the hardest contrast to the world, I came from.

This monks republic Athos is a centre of Eastern Orthodox monasticism, the monks themselves speak of it as the garden of the Holy Mother of God. According to the legend she is the only woman that took her feet to the ground of Athos.

The Pensinsula is surrounded by the deep blue sea from 3 sides, in the north it is separated from the secular town of Uranopolis. By entering you see a sign: Entre défendue aux femmes er aux véhicules.

The isolation of the monastery state was always part of the fascination. The question about what is behind these walls. This series shows a subjective view of my experiences with this special place. In deep gratefulness to the unique hospitality and trust of the monks to let me be a visitor and at the same time part in the mysterious world of Athos.

Date: 2019
Tags: Athos, Religion, Spirituality, Travel

Testimonials & References

“There’s an elegance to Ruslan’s compositional choice, with the religious paintings, flowers and statues closely framing these two women on each side – you can tell that it’s been set up with care and purpose. Despite that formality, there’s a warmth and unaffectedness to it – their sideways glances, into a natural light just out of shot strikes you as an apt reflection on faith. It evokes a strong sense of quiet companionship, and you’re drawn to the details – the positioning of their hands, the various fabrics, the leaves… but there’s a calmness, despite the level of visual information to absorb”

Steve McCurry via Life Framer Ruslan Hrushchak was FIRST PRIZE winner Life Framer edition IV 2017 – WORLD TRAVELERS judged by Steve McCurry

``Royal Photographic Society's 161st International Exhibition Offer Insight Into The Society We Live In Today.
The portrayal of his family becomes a subtle snapshot of Ukrainian society today.``

Tim Lane, Art Director via Ruslan Hrushchak was a finalist of the RPS 161